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Normally, doing skills assessments on site can be a huge pain, to ensure all the boxes are ticked, the paperwork is done and then updated to your systems.

And unpleasant site conditions, such as wind and dust, working with paper can be challenging.

Afterwards, the paperwork, which is often by now pretty dirty and smudged, needs to be manually uploaded to a system, and filed. This procedure is time consuming and prone to errors.

With the TRS Online Mobile Training Solution, the entire process has been automated and seamlessly integrates to a comprehensive reporting back-end system!

Using a mobile app that works on tablets and mobile phones, the entire process is easy quick and minimises errors. There is no need to transcribe and upload assessments as this is done automatically.

In this example an Articulated Dump Truck (ADT) driving assessment is done on the mobile app while the driver is being assessed.

The assessor ticks off on the application (as they would on a manual assessment sheet) every aspect of the assessment, whether the driver has done the steps correctly or not.

Once the assessment is complete, both the assessor and driver signs on the mobile application. The date and time is recorded as well as the GPS co-ordinates of where the assessment took place physically, for security purposes.

The assessment is then uploaded and synchronised with the learning management system. Once uploaded and synchronised, and if the driver passed the assessment, the competency certificate can immediately be downloaded by the driver.

If there is not Internet connection at the assessment position, the assessor can download the assessment procedure before going to the physical location, do the assessment, and then synchronise when in range of an Internet connection. The correct time and date stamp, and GPS co-ordinates will still be recorded exactly where the physical location of the assessment took place.

Using this technology has tremendous benefits for organisations:

  • Security, as dates and times and physical locations are accurately recorded.
  • The person assesses signs off the assessment with the assessor.
  • Errors are eliminated almost entirely.
  • The process is quick and easy and convenient.
  • Reporting is accurate as transcription errors are eliminated.
  • Efficiency is improved significantly.
  • Costs can be reduced significantly.

A full reporting system is included in the back-end system, that provides accurate and timely reporting on (but not limited to):

  • Employment Equity.
  • Skills Development.
  • Personal Development Plans, ect.

Going paperless is surprisingly inexpensive. In fact, the system provides a return on investment, due to costs that are saved, and enabling an organisation to do more with its training budget.

Compliance risks are also significantly reduced due to a seamlessly integrated system that is not prone to transcription errors and the elimination of updating different spreadsheets with the same data.

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