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Technology Risk Solutions expanded its Online Training Solutions recently by introducing new mobile learning technology to its offering.

This new technology is a game changer, as it provides even more freedom to employees to learn when convenient to them, said Dirk Steyn, E-Learning Manager.

Not only can employees learn at home when it suits them, they also do not need to use their valuable mobile data! Our new solution enables an employee to download a lesson at work using the company’s WiFi, then do the entire lesson including assessments in offline mode, then synchronize everything again when back at work.

This means they can even learn while travelling or waiting for a taxi or train, without having to use their own data, said Dirk Steyn.

The mobile learning technology is also placing learning onto a medium that everybody is familiar and comfortable with and intuitively knows how to use.

Traditionally companies needed to schedule courses, provide venues, catering, accommodation, instructors time and other expenses.

Instructors and subject matter experts can better spend their time in work-shops, helping learners applying what they have learnt, instead of in lectures delivering content that employees is able to learn in their own time.

To keep encouraging and motivating employees, the system also provides badges for completion of learning sections. At the end of a course, an assessment is completed and an employee is immediately issued with a certificate of completion of the course.

“Our Assessor module is also a game changer”, said Dirk, referring to a new module enabling practical assessments on site.

Some assessments have got multiple choice questions which are assessed automatically, whereas some of the assessments require an assessor to be present to assess the employee’s skills practically.

For practical assessments, the solutions offers an additional module specifically for assessors.

This is hugely advantageous, as the entire process is recorded on a mobile device, automated, with no manual paperwork required.

The assessor can for example assess a driver’s capability by answering a series of questions regarding the assessment, while the driver is being assessed on site, instead of ticking off a clipboard for example.

At the end of the assessment, the assessor signs on the device, the employee signs in agreement also on the device, and the entire assessment is uploaded to the system, a certificate issued, which the employee can then download.

Assessments can be done in off-line mode, then synchronized when an Internet connection is available. Information such as an image of the employee assesses, as well as the exact GPS co-ordinates where the assessment is done, date and time stamps are all automatically stored.

The system even allows for a video of the assessment process, or parts of it to be taken and stored automatically with the assessment.

“This technology significantly improves efficiency and compliances, no paperwork needs to be filled in, then captured in the office. It eliminates a lot of errors. On site, where it is most often windy and dirty this is really a great solution for our customers”, commented Dirk.

The mobile learning solution fully integrates seamlessly with Technology Risk Solution’s Online Training Solution.

The system automates reporting and enables the HR department to keep on top of the often onerous government regulations such as tracking employment equity and skills development.

Reporting is automated and eliminates the need for spreadsheets which are prone to errors.

Some of the reports available in the system are as follows:

  • User Activity reports.
  • Training reports – all the learner records and progress.
  • Employee profile reports.
  • Event management reports.
  • PDP reports.

For more information on implementing this remarkable mobile learning solution in your company, please contact Dirk Steyn on +27 64 909 7897, or email

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