Frequently Asked Questions | TRS online Training Courses FAQ
How do I register.

Click on the Button Below to Register.


How do I make a Payment.

You can either do a EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) or pay using our PAYU payment service.

What is the cost of each course.

Short courses (Sub Skill Module/Unit Standards) are R850.00 each.

Skill Set Modules (Skills Programme) prices differ depending on how many short courses are included in the package.

  • For a summary of the course prices please CLICK HERE
What are the requirements to do a course.

All our courses are online only. Thus there are no requirements to do our online courses.

Where are you located. I want to do classroom training.

Our offices are in Pretoria, but becauseĀ our courses are online only we prefer clients to correspond with us either telephonically or via email.

We do not offer classroom training of any kind. If you experience problems with the course that you are busy completing you can contact our support team that would have liaised with you when you purchased the course.

What is the duration of the course.

The duration of the course depends on:

  • how many modules / unit standards you need to complete
  • how long it takes you to work through the learning material
  • how long it takes you to complete the assessments
  • if you have failed the assessments
  • if you are working, and studying part time

Once you have purchased the course the course you will have access to the training material and the material will not expire. So there are no time limits on the courses

How do I get my Certificate.

Once you have passed the Final (Summative) assessment you will be able to download your TRS Capability Certificate (in PDF format), in the course or module which you have completed.

Will I be competent once I finish my online course.

No, the certificate we issue is only a TRS Certificate of Capability, the training material that is used in the course is MQA accredited.

How do I become Competent.

To be declared Competent you will (like any MQA course) need to be assessed practically by a MQA accredited Assessor.

So a summary:

  • You need to be employed by a Mine
  • You will need to meet the necessary requirements set by the MQA
  • You will need to be assessed by the training center located on your mine(if you have one)
  • The Training center will need to register you with the MQA

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